Our Team

YAU Wing Yeung

YAU Wing Yeung

Executive Director

Having graduated in Business Mangement, Perth, Australia, Yau Wing Yeung initially held a number of functions in China cross-border commerce as well as business administration in the automotive sector in Hong Kong. Joining NACS, a leading international professional firm based in Hong Kong that specializes in helping international entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals make their international operations more profitable, better protected and more professionally operated and managed, Yau Wing Yeung became an experienced executive in the corporate governance. Her professional qualifications are complimented by her extensive intercultural expertise.

Adrian H. Hugentobler

Adrian H. Hugentobler

Director, BBA

After earning a university of applied sciences degree in business economics, Adrian H. Hugentobler rejoined Kuoni Travel Ltd’s Incoming division to serve a head of the Japanese inbound department in Zurich. In 1997, he moved to Hong Kong to head the operations for outbound tours from Asia to Europe and the rest of the world. One and a half years later, he joined Kuoni Travel (Japan) KK to perform the same function, first in Osaka and later stationed in Tokyo, responsible for all Japan.

In 2003, Adrian H. Hugentobler relocated back to Hong Kong, where he further specialized in Finance and Controlling and became Director of Finance, Operations and IT Asia Pacific & USA and was promoted to Vice President in 2008.

Markus K. Hugentobler

Dr. Markus K. Hugentobler


Dr. Markus Hugentobler was born in the year 1967 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. After having absolved the high school in economics he studied law at Zurich University, where he reached the PhD degree. Professionally he worked as head of the law department of the cantonal labour and industry office Schaffhausen and was responsible for the legal matters of the cantonal central office for economical country supply. Furthermore he was the president of the law department of the national association for labour offices Switzerland for more than seven years and worked with Migros as a member of the labour policy and law board. Since 2010 he has mainly been working with the employers’ association Centre Patronal as legal advisor and manager as well as a university teacher and supplementary judge in the high court of the canton Schaffhausen.